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i'm bill o'reilly. hope to see you next time. the spin stops right here because we are you. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute >> that's why we are going to pass health insurance reform in 2009. [ applause ] >> president obama hopes a -- hosts a phony town hall. >> wait a minute. you want to leave? leave? sean: benedict arlen goes face to face with real americans. >> i'm going to speak my mind before i leave. >> senator specter's 2010 opponent is here tonight. censor shocker, illegals will, in fact, be counted. >> i'm not going to be channelling my husband. sean: fallout from hillary's international explosion continues. all of that plus a very special live visit to the valley hope forgot. hannity starts right here right now. another day, and another democrat is held accountable by you, the american people. today, that democrat was senator
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arlen specter and he proved just as incapable of handling the frustrations of ordinary americans as all the democrats who came before him. the event reached the tipping point when a man rose to confront the senator. look at how specter reacted. >> you want to be -- you want to be led -- you want to be led out of here? you are welcome to go. now wait a minute, now wait a minute, now wait a minute. wait, wait a minute: wait a minute, wait a minute. wait a minute. wait a minute. you want to leave? leave. sean: he wasn't going to allow the senator to shout him down. here's what happened next. >> well, i got news for you, you and your cronies in the government do this kind of stuff all the time. well,. [ applause ]
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i'm not a lobbyist, all kind of money to stuff in your pocket so you can cheat the citizens of this country so i will leave and you can do whatever the hell you please to do. sean: now, meanwhile, president obama, he spent the day in dream land. he hosted a well choreographed and orchestrated event where protesters were kept outside and as you can imagine those allowed inside really took obama to task. let's take a look. >> if the republicans actively refuse to participate in the reasonable way with reasonable proposals, isn't it time to just say we're going to pass what the american people need and what they want without the republicans? [ applause ] >> i guess my question is, if every american who needed it, had access to good mental health care, what do you think the impact would be on our society? >> it's ok, mr. president. my concerns. [ laughter ]
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>> she is ok. >> he winked at me. >> right. sean: he winked at her. that seems consistent with the emotions we have been seeing all around the country, doesn't it? not if you listen to the host of insults the democratic leaders have been hurling at people. we have had hard working americans called nazis and brown shirts and unamerican by nancy pelosi. i guess that's what nancy pelosi would label my next guest. she also grilled senator specter earlier today. listen to. this i am a republican but i'm first and foremost a conservative. i don't believe this is just not about health care, it's not about tarp and left and right. this is about the systematic dismantle ling of this country. i'm only 35 years old. i have never been interested in politics. you have awakened the sleeping giant. we are tired of this. this is why everybody in this room is so ticked off. i don't want this country turning into russia. turning into a socialized
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country. sean: joining me now to discuss all of this is the young woman who asked that question katie abraham and her husband sam who also questioned the senator. guys, welcome to the program. thank you both for being here. >> thank you, sean. i appreciate it. >> hello, sean. sean: is it hard, guys, being in the national spotlight. >> i said to my husband while you were playing -- while you were playing the sound bite, sorry. while you were playing the sound bite of belief talking, you know, it's weird hearing yourself and lock on a home video but let alone to turn the tv on and see yourself. today has been a roller coaster. i'm proud of what i said because it's from my heart. but, when you start getting phone calls on your cell phone from people that are calling you a racist, it ticks me off. i don't deserve that i'm just speaking my mind. i went there to talk to arlen specter and tell him what i thought. i don't need people calling me and voicing their opinions, they
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are cowards. they hang up the phone on me. sean: that's happened a lot today, katy? >> honestly, that has happened one time. and i'm concerned that it may happen some more. i don't know how they got my cell phone number. i have no idea. but i have to say that i want to thank every single person that has -- that i know that has emailed me, that has called me and has shown their support i thank them. sean: tell me why you are upset though. is it the call? is it because -- you said some things in here that really i found fascinating to me. when you used the term "you have awakened the sleeping giant. that you are 35 years old. that you had never been interested in politics really up until recently. explain that. >> i don't know. this is very overwhelming to me.
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i didn't expect this reaction. you know, i wanted to go to the town hall meeting. i wanted to voice my opinion. you know, i have contacted arlen specter's office before via email, you know, voiced my opinion that way. this was finally an opportunity to be able to speak to him, you know, face to face. and now that i have had a chance to digest all of this. it's just been a really long day to be honest with you. i don't know how you and other people do this all the time. sean: i have been called every name and then some. this is one of the points i have been trying to make. you know, referring to people as nazis and brown shirts and political terrorists, you know, katy, you don't look like a mobster to me. i could give you a mob handle if you like. you are not part of any
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organized group, right? >> no. i mean we have friends that are like-minded. i was not paid by anybody. i was not bust in i'm just a normal person i guess you could say, yeah. >> mom on a mission. sean: oh, she is on a mission? what do you mean by that, sam? >> she wanted to make a difference in her -- opportunity to see arlen specter face to face and share her opinion of what's going on here in the hopes of opening his eyes to it's not astro tupper. it's not -- we're not put up to this. we are just common people that are worried about this framework that they are going to put into place is going to change how the health care industry is going to work. it's not something the next administration can just change. you know, taxes go up, taxes go down. that can change from administration to administration. but with this sweeping change in health care, we both thought it was important to be there to let our senator know we need to put a lot more thought into this
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before we make this kind of alteration to our life. katy were you happy with the answer you got from the senator today. >> when we got home, i watched the video on youtube. and i just. sean: welcome to my world. >> weird. my best friend karen called me and she said, katy you are on youtube. >> i'm like, what? that's odd. honestly, after i asked the question, i was so just -- i don't know. i didn't hear half of what he said to be honest with you, i heard him say he does legislate by the constitution. but that's a bold-faced lie i don't know if you realized when he took the microphone away, george washington is rolling over in his grave right now. this is not what the constitution wrote. this is not a welfare state. the people in this country are strong enough to be able to, you know, just do what you need to
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do. you don't need handouts from the government left and right. those of us who have been footing the bill for all these trillions and trillions and trillions, i do not take that word lightly that is a huge, huge number. sean: i don't want to interrupt you. i'm listening to your passion. i have seen this all around the country. i spoke to you earlier today. and you told me, i don't know if you are going to be upset that i said this publicly. you were a democrat. you voted for bill clinton. >> yes. >> sean: now you say you don't want this country to be turned in russia or communist country. how did you change your philosophy. >> i went to school to work in the media. and in college, you know, i believed in abortion, i believed in all of that i hadn't really thought about the things too much. i just kind of went on my merry way and i didn't have to pay
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taxes and no big deal and yeah, i voted for clinton. i regret that now. i voted, i think twice for him. and then i got a job in the media and i was a photo journalist at the local level. i loved that job. when i got my first paycheck i was dumbfounded. you know in the media you don't make much money in the beginning, especially to. me it seemed like they took a really huge chunk out of my paycheck. husband at the time we were dating. and i don't know. i just -- over the past couple months, you know, i educated myself. i have learned about the founders, i refused to be fed any of this rhetoric that you hear on a lot of the major news media i'm tired of it. sean: i have got to say this in closing. i really wanted you to tell your
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story tonight. for a couple of mobsters, you are really great americans. i think you inspired a lot of great enpeople today. i appreciate you telling your story and sharing it with us. having the courage to do what you did today. i think you inspired more people than you can imagine. thank you for being here and i hope you will come back. >> we will. >> thank you, sean. sean: thank you both. as we have been discussing, senator arlen specter got an earful from his constituents earlier today. the man he could face in the 2010 general election will join me next. farms are being shut down. a community is suffering all because of a 2-inch minnow fish. it is the valley that hope forgot. a live report coming up later in a live report coming up later in the panel and more on the t t tt that's a-- tiny netbook. yeah, it's-- good-looking, lightweight. generally awesome. and you could just-- go online, video-chat with my cousin. this is un-- under $200. are you some kind of-- mind reader, visionary ? no, i have them. huh. the new lightweight hp mini netbook
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sean: democrats claim all the americans protesting their health care bill are being organized by insurance companies. it looks like the party on the left is doing organizing of their own. george soros has pledged $5 billion million dollars left wing groups health care bill with a public option. speaker pelosi are all the people who organize things to soros contribututututututioutut
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>> leave us alone. that's all we would ask for. would you leave us alone? >> i'm sick of the lies. i don't like being lied to. i don't like being lied about. >> you have awakened the sleeping giant. >> amen. >> we are tired of this. this is why everybody in this room is so ticked off. >> we cannot afford, this period. keep the government out of it we're doing just fine. thank you, sir. sean: very powerful. more sights and sounds from senator specter's town hall meeting from earlier today where the utter frustration over health care just could not be contained. my next guest is going to be running against senator specter in the 2010 election and is he here to respond to the growing town hall tension. joining me now is pat toomey,
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author of the road to prosperity how to grow our economy and revive the american dream. good to see you back. thank you. >> thanks for having me, sean. sean: you know, i'm watching all of these mobsters and all of these unamerican people speaking out with swastikas according to nancy pelosi. and i see veterans, i see the elderly, i see this woman that we just had on a 35-year-old woman that has not historically been that politically active. the passion that is there, do you think the democrats are tone deaf? >> i'm amazed how the democrats are misreading this or else they have just decided sings they have complete control of the elective government they're going to ram it through regardless of what people want. i run into people in pennsylvania every single day that are so much like kate katy. people who are worried about the direction that this government is trying to take our country, the erosion of freedom. the attack on capitalism. the lurch to the left.
12:17 am
people are genuinely world. you can't manufacture the kind of concern and angst and turnout that's happening all across the country. sean: how is this going to impact your race as you go up against senator specter in the 2010 election. do you think this will have an impact? will this carry on through the election? >> i think it really will. senator specter has been and for that matter his democratic primary opponent joe sestak. the two of these guys have supported all the bailouts. they have supported all the massive spending. they supported big government, health care takeover. they support denying workers the secret ballot in various forms. and the american people, pennsylvanians are becoming just shocked, really, by this -- the aggressiveness of this lurch to the left. i think people realize when one party has complete control of the elected government this kind of excess is what you have. we have to have some balance. that's going to be helpful to someone like me running in 2010.
12:18 am
sean: that's interesting. katy was describing all the names she was being called in a 10 hour period of time and all the names i have been called unfair in my period. i'm in the public eye i'm fair game. leaders would attack american people. look at this montage of nancy pelosi john baird and john dingell. i want to get your reaction. >> i think they are astro turf, you be the judge, of carrying swastikas and symbols like that to town meeting on health care. >> some the rhetoric that we are hearing is vaguely, not vaguely but eerily reminisce incident is of the kind of things that drove tim mcvey to bomb the federal building in oklahoma. >> the last time i had to confess something like this i voted for the civil rights bill and my opponent voted against it. at that time we had a lot of ku klux klan folks and white supremacist and folks in white sheets and other things running around and causing trouble.
12:19 am
sean: swastikas, tim mcvey and kkk. i see grand mothers. i see stay at home moms like katy and veterans and kids in wheelchairs. >> they are so wrong on this. and they are going to figure this out, sean, that wildly insulting ordinary, honest, decent, hard-working american people this way is not even smart politics. this is a really big mistake on their part. they are going to pay a big price. i'm shocked it's taking them this long. sean: i am, too. one last question. as the republicans now move forward with this, because the democrats have all the power. they can pass this bill. they are even talking about a nuclear option. if they can't get their 60-vote filibuster number in the senate or filibuster-proof number. if they ram this down america's throats. what will be the political consequences for the democratic party? >> a huge backlash against them. you know, you don't make profound, huge changes to such a
12:20 am
large segment of our economy and do it in a strictly partisan fashion, ignoring the energy and intensity and passion of very nearly, if not greater than half of the american public. it's a big mistake if they try to do it that way. sean: senator to be pat tomby for from the great state of pennsylvania. thanks for being with us. we have more on the events of the town halls meetings from earlier today. one democrat says she can actually feel global warming taking place. you won't believe how. we will tell you about. also live in fresno, california where farmers are suffering because democrats are trying to save a little itty-bitty fish, a minnow. i will explain straight ahead. t most for headaches. for arthritis pain... in your hands... knees... and back.
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sean: the u.s. commission on civil rights. the democrat health care bill awards scholarships to minority doctors and gives special contracts to medical schools that serve underprivileged areas in the hopes that giving money to minority students will make them serve in poor areas. the civil-rights commission says that is blatant racial
12:26 am
discrimination. there is no proof that this measure helps minorities. the group plans to send a letter to obama that these programs are unlikely to reduce health- care disparities among racial a. there is no proof that they go back and serve in those communities. according to the associated press, she announced to the alternative energy sector could spark a new industrial revolution and create tons of jobs for minority workers. no green energy jobs have actually been created yet.
12:27 am
in due time, they will come. employment in the green jobs industry makes up.05% of all jobs in the u.s. not an indication that an industrial revolution is around the corner. is this how desperate these global warming alarmists have gotten?
12:28 am
they are making things up. i wonder what the senator is feeling this past month as michigan experienced its coldest july ever. that is the news tonight from hannity's
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sean: interpreter accidentally referred to former president clinton and not president obama. >> wait, you want me to tell you what my husband thinks? my husband is not the secretary of state. i am. so you ask my opinion. i will tell you my opinion. i'm not going to be channelling my husband. sean: i guess that will be the last time i get gecko vo: you see, it's not just telling people geico could save 'em hundreds on car insurance. it's actually doing it. gecko vo: businessmen say "hard work equals success." well, you're looking at, arguably, the world's most successful businessgecko. gecko vo: first rule of "hard work equals success." gecko vo: that's why geico is consistently rated excellent or better in terms of financial strength. gecko vo: second rule: "don't steal a coworker's egg salad, 'specially if it's marked "the gecko." come on people.
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new power chair or scooter free. i didn't pay a penny out of pocket for my power chair. with help from the scooter store, medicare and my insurance covered it all. call the scooter store for free information today. sean: tonight on our great, great american panel. he is a minister and do author of the best selling left behind series. latest book is "jesus" why the world is so fascinated by him tim lahaye is here. author, columnist and senior floe at the manhattan instituted john fellow is back. penny lee is here. by the way, did you see harry reid's numbers approval rating in the tank.
12:33 am
>> but you can't beat him with nobody. somebody has got to stand up. sean: against an unknown state party chair is he losing by six points. >> this election is just young. it is just getting started. he is going to come back. mark my words, is he going to be returning to the state senator from nevada. sean: i'm telling you, is he going to lose. >> i take that with pleasure. sean: these town halls are obviously inspiring the american people and left is lashing out. robert gibbsson 00 today show today trying to blame cable and talk radio. here is what he said. >> we all have something to lose, matt, if we let cable television come to town hall meetings and kill health care reform for another year. what's unproductive is if somebody comes to a town hall meeting and you can't ask your question or your mother can't ask her question because somebody else is yelling. that's what cable tv and the food fight brings to this. sean: only people, john that are
12:34 am
yelling here and calling names, it's obama telling the american people to shut up. it's nancy pelosi attacking the american people, it's the democrats comparing them to nazis, the democrats are doing that. >> oh, yeah. i mean i will tell you honestly that i think a lot of the people who are yelling in these town hall meetings do have some problems with misinformation but nevertheless, it seems to me that back in my day, when i used to teach at uc berkeley and the big debate was affirmative action. i saw people on the left acting in the same way with the same lack of manners, the same volume and same misinformation. it wasn't in the formal setting of a town meeting about a national policy. same thing. sean: wait a minute. what misinformation? what yelling? i see fathers with their kids in wheelchairs. i see veterans that are speaking. is there passion? yeah, there is passion. you know, maybe they don't have the. >> yes. they say what they feel. shane sean they see their
12:35 am
country going bankrupt. every promise that's been made is broken. they are being attacked and called nazis by people who are supposed to be public servants. >> i don't think they are puppets. they do have their actual feelings. a lot of people are saying nevertheless all of their facts don't happen to be straight. i'm saying that goes both ways that's not political that's just human. sean: they don't want to answer questions. penny. that's part of the problem. they want ram this down the americans throat. every claim they are making is false. that's a big problem for them. >> there is no question that the lawmakers in congress have done a horrible job and a lousy job in communicating what exactly this package does and what it does for the american people and why it needs to change. if you are a mother out there who has been denied any kind of coverage for her children, do you want reform but what they failed to do and what they haven't done effectively is say what this bill does to correct that. and so all of this rhetoric that is out there, you have got seven different people with 18 different bills that are out there, what they need to do is what they did today which is the president go out there and lead
12:36 am
on this issue. sean: this with a phony controlled choreographed town hall. >> what he did was bring it back to the people to say what this means. this means if you have a preexisting condition you will not have health care. you cannot be health insurance. sean: who is going to pay for it and how much is it going to cost? will we ration care? >> we will not be rationing care. sean: you cannot say that. unemployment is not going to go above 8%. >> health care's is rationing care. what do you think they are doing right now. sean: you trust your government to this extent. tim, this is a question for you. people, you know what? you have spent your whole life putting faith in god. it seems like people are bowing at the altar thinking the government is going to take all my fear away. why do people have that belief system. >> this looks so phoney. the first step towards socialism is a socialist medical system. and they see all of these promises of socialism and losing control and the representatives don't represent them.
12:37 am
in my lifetime we thought that those we elected to congress and the senate were going to vote on behalf of the people but they don't anymore. sean: i want to tell you something, john. i am angry how these people, these town halls are being treated. this woman, katy, to be attacked the way she was attacked today just for expressing her first amendment rights. this man with his child in a wheelchair. this elderly woman that confronted arlen specter at a previous meeting. you know, how dare these people call them names and tell them to shut up and compare them to nazis. >> well, i think that the way i look at it is that a lot of people are uncomfortable expressions of passion. i see nothing wrong with these people being brought together to express their passion. people will differ on these sorts of things. as far as i'm concerned, we need to see where it all falls. but, sean. there is a problem. we don't want the health system to be the way that it was. nevertheless, we are going to figure out where it's going to be to scream at people for screaming but having passion and
12:38 am
screaming. sean: speaker of the house, you are asking the average american to show more control than the elected officials. >> there needs to be a back to be a level of civility. that is what is lacking to this debate to. scream and shout at each other. sean: telling them to shut up. >> the president didn't say that. sean: he said it last week i don't want to hear from them anymore. nancy pelosi said. >> he did not. again, america is great. sean: nancy pelosi said they are unamerican. >> america is great when we have public discourse and we have public speech. that's a wonderful thing. sean: wait a minute. >> shouting what you andry doing right now. sean: nancy pelosi is the speaker of the house. she wrote with steny hoyer that they're unamerican. i can't think of anything more quintessentially american. >> that is not right. you have the right to freedom of speech. i don't agree with that at all. sean: you get the last word of this seeing. >> it's terrible they don't represent us. this is supposed to be a
12:39 am
representative type government. and that only happens when people are conscious of the fact that we pay their salary. we elect them or someone elects them. and they are supposed to represent the public. sean: public service. they are supposed to serve people. >> that's what they are. sean: some of them are such cowards they don't want to show up at town hall meetings. >> what if they say they would be willing to give us the same kind of health care that they have. sean: great point. continue more with our great, great american panel. still to come tonight, we will take you live to the valley that hope forgot and tell you all about the struggles of people in central california, the farmers. their pleas to the obama administration to do the right thing. they have shut off their water so they can save a 2-inch fish. i will explain coming up straight ahead.
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sean: we continue now with our great american panel. boy, how many of you saw hillary, i mean literally lose her cool after a student asked her through a translater about
12:44 am
mr. clinton, folks, we showed this earlier. we will show you one more time. watch her reaction. >> wait. you want me to tell you what my husband thinks? my husband is not the secretary of state. i am. so you ask my opinion, i will tell you my opinion. i'm not going to be channelling my husband. sean: ouch. i want to tell you she seemed pretty mad at me right there. what was that? that hurt. >> that was not her finest moment. >> the mask came off and you saw the real hillary right there. >> i have to disagree. i have known the secretary and the senator for a very long time. that is not real hillary clinton right there. that was a moment -- she was tired. she has been travelling. she is on the road. sean: why do you make excuses for her. >> that was not a fine moment. i'm not making excuses for her. that was not a fine moment for her. she is a wonderful person. sean: dick morris says that is the real hillary. is he lying? >> i will take hillary clinton every day twice on sunday before i will take dick morris's opinion. >> guest appearances on the show in a way that she didn't expect
12:45 am
to, though. her elbow, things have been going on remember what a big deal she has been seven months ago. she has been out of it? >> she has been an excellent secretary of state. >> rather quietly. sean: where has she been? she has been hiding. >> she has not been hiding. sean: you never see her. >> she has been all over this world. they have a great team with general jones and with her and secretary gates. shane sean when is the last time bill clinton goes to rescues two girls from a rogue dictator because she doesn't want him to get credit obviously: after all the studying that they did of the clinton debacle with health care, it seems like they have learned little you agree with that? >> absolutely. this one is as bad as theirs. we knew something about that this one we know very little about. they keep making claims and denies those claims. what does it stand for? this idea of voting something so
12:46 am
important without reading it is appalling thing in american history. >> it's still in draft form. you have time to read this bill. the problem is that. sean: that's a first. >> there is all these different it rations that are out there. and what i said earlier, the president needs to now stand up and take the lead and reassure the american people that this is about security and this is about -- >> secrecy and one thing that's not going on now is secrecy. things are being put othere. if anything, too many things out there, whole new set of problems and these are issues that are difficult for the layman to understand. i would say they have learned the lesson that they do have to put their cards out there. maybe they are not doing it right but this isn't being done behind closed doors. sean: they want end of life counseling. if you don't have your insurance in the first year you can't get it they don't want to answer questions. they want to push this through in the first weeks. scores it up trillion dollars and no cost savings like they claim. and then they still -- then they attack the people that ask
12:47 am
questions about it. that's -- that was their plan. do you think they have attacked people that don't ask questions. >> do you say you are unamerican by the speaker of the house if you refer to americans that the dnc is mobsters? if you call people brown shirts and political terrorists? all those names have been used by officials. >> they are people that don't like to be yelled at and use those terms when in fact they would ask the same way. >> some of those protesters. you had someone hang one of the congressman in effigy. there is some that has gone over of the line. sean: that is one example can you bring up. >> again, i think a dialogue is what is needed a civil dialogue is what is needed on this issue. it is an important issue. it is a personal issue. sean: we have got to run. >> one that needs to be addressed. sean: last word. >> older people in our country they have been mad. they are afraid they are going to lose something that they expected all their life. they better speak up. sean: it's going to impact them the most. >> exactly. sean: end of life counseling with a government bureaucrat is
12:48 am
frightening. >> it is. sean: good to sigh. now, coming up next, the valley that hope forgot. we are going to go live. by the way, look at all those folks out there in the cen first. at your chevy dealer, but funds are going fast. so hurry. let us recycle your older vehicle and you on a new, fuel-efficient chevy. your chevy dealer has more eligible models to choose from. more than ford, toyota or honda. now get an '09 silverado for under eighteen-three after all offers.
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sean: update on a story we covered back in may. the central valley of california was once considered the bread basket of america. but now farms all over that region have been allowed to dry up. now why? because of a 2-inch minnow on the endangered species list.
12:53 am
now, environmentalists claim that the fish was getting caught in the water pumps that provided the farms with water to. protect the tiny fish, the pumpsy turned off. farmers were left high and dry and entire communities are now feeling the impact. some towns in the area are facing unemployment rates up to 40 pierce. many residents are now forced to visit food banks. the people of that great area have had enough and they are speaking out tonight. joining me live from california is congressman defensive noon yes, nunez. it looks like you have well over a thousand people there is that right. >> well over a thousand people. this is a testament of your message is getting to these people. they have been out here for hours. the only water this field has seen is our sweat. it's more than we have gotten from the government. sean: paul, we have had you on about this before. i want you to tell the whole
12:54 am
story. it's almost unfathomable. >> people don't believe it. sean: tell everybody. >> the problem is the environmental laws have not flexible at all. et the very judge that pushed this order to cut off the water said that there was no swifl room to make accommodations for human beings. this fish takes priority. all the water is being held back. we are left right where we are at this used to be an almond orchard. now it's firewood. do you want some? nobody believes that how i got involved my mother is from here. sean: farms are dried up. no water, no production. people are losing their jobs. how many people are out of work there? >> well, you know, the system varies but a lot of people here aren't working. that's why we are here. we are here to show america this is you are own town hall meeting here, sean.
12:55 am
we are so wand up in this issue buoy why don't have time to worry about health care. everything around us is dead. this is our way of life around here. we tried to have the administration come to see about us. we haven't heard. they send the secretary of the interior here. he gave us some nice lip service and said oh we are going to do this and do that. at the end we didn't get no water. our fields are drying out. something has to be done. sean: first, paul, you were an obama supporter. yes, absolutely. we wanted change. we didn't think it would be this kind of change but you know, he kept his promise, we got change where are you now? obama country? >> we want to name -- we would like to name it after someone who is responsible for this look, we have signed a letter signed by every mayor in this whole area trying to tell them we tried to go through the chain of command.
12:56 am
secretary of interior, we saw his sent a. sacramento, we went to washington. we went everywhere. everybody is paying lip service. at the end of the day our trees can't wait. our trees are going to wait passing might open. two gates, no gates, at the end of the gait gate, nobody is bringing us water. sean: how is this possible? they're isn't endangered. >> it's unbelievable, sean. this is we tried five or six different times and handful of democrat votes each time. weave tried to pass something. nancy pelosi is the speaker of the house. she is from california we have over 10% unemployment in california. we are sitting in trees with trees that are only 8 years old right now that are now sitting here dead, dried out there. is a half a million acres of farmland. it's bigger than the size of rhode island that's now dry because of these fools.
12:57 am
the loser here is the american people. when we live in the most fertile valley in this planet. everything you put on the ground here glos. you are going to eventually by next spring you are going to get your vegetables from china. i understand they make great baby milk formula. >> sean, let me add something on this. this is, you know, in china and india, and brazil, they're building water infrastructure projects. in california, not only are we not building projects here, we are taking the projects we have and they are shut off they are starving this valley of water. >> we would like to have the same consideration that they have for the plants they're building in iraq. for crying out loud they are getting water projects. here in this valley, look we have no other recourse. we want to thank you a lot, sean. nobody has pointed their eye on this problem. to us there is a lot -- we understand that the president has serious problems with health
12:58 am
care and all these things. to us this is our livelihood. >> all you got to do is turn the pumps on. [cheers] sean: i don't know if anybody can hear me out there, you guys. i want to say this to the crowd. the people in this area need jobs. they need their farms. they need the water for their farms the federal government, where is barack obama, where is nancy pelosi, where is harry reid. turn the water on and let the people of central california to eat. i can't believe i'm eating debating this, paul. >> it's ridiculous. i have not lost faith yet. maybe i'm a knuckle head. we have sent the letter. we're still hoping that mr. obama will see it in his busy schedule to come down here and visit us. we believe that -- see something believing. if he sees the faces on these people. we are not just white or brown. we are everybody here. this is a microcosm of america here. we are farmers. we bring food to your table. sean: are you going to run for office?
12:59 am
>> >> who me? the only thing i'm going to run is from the cops. no, this area needs someone with an education. i'm not smart enough to be that i just want water to my mom's farm and i'm back to telling jokes. >> i'm working on him. eye i'm trying to get him to run. >> you should run, sean. you are the man. sean: listen. i mean this sincerely. i think this is very important. i hope the president is watching or somebody will bring this to his attention and somebody has got to turn the water back on. we have got to save these farmers. we have got to save these farms. we have got to do it for the people out there. >> either that or put us on the endangered species list. [cheers] >> thank you so much. sean: thank you. appreciate it? >> thank you. sean: i hope the water gets turned on soon. thank you, all. unbelievable. whatever happened to the government working for people. folks, this is an amazing time in our country's history. i just can't believe we find ourselves even having to debate some of these thing

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